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Capital L centers itself around the connection and memories made through food​ and recreating those feelings with every bite. As long as I could remember, food has always been the main attraction. I loved the sense of togetherness it brought when cooking with my family and the gathering during celebrations.

I was born in the Philippines but grew up in Toronto and was introduced to the many cultures and cuisines of our multicultural city. That is where my love of food was cultivated.  Being an immigrant and only knowing Filipino food, the options were endless. Making new friends and trying their food really made me, not only curious to try everything but also appreciate the humbleness of each meal I was given. To see the joy of their parents making something so familiar to them but so new to me, was so rewarding.


I decided that I would turn my unyielding curiosity into something tangible. In my final year of high school, I enrolled in the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) at Humber college in 2002.  It was a co-op program that allowed you to complete a year of culinary school while  still in high school, then work in the industry, and return the following year to graduate. It was the most difficult time of my life; I was preparing to give birth to my first child and I was unable to finish then.


Being a young mother, I decided to focus on my new baby, and although I regretted not finishing school then, I could never trade in the time and memories I made with my daughter.  Having those experiences have truly shaped who I am; the dedication, passion and determination I posses I accredit to my daughter; for unknowingly giving me the motivation to never give up on my dreams.


It took some time but with the support of my family, I eventually went back to culinary school and graduated with a Chef de Cuisine diploma. In the middle of my studies I took part in a college cook off for PEI tourism, hosted by Chef Michael Smith; and I won! It was definitely the boost I needed to continue on my journey. Since completing school in 2013, I've worked in several restaurants ranging from,  Italian, Asian, Spanish, Caribbean and American cuisines. Having also worked in different capacities, from catering, restaurants, airports and childcare; I understand the varying needs of each client and can create a truly personalized experience.   


Today I strive to create familiarity, melded together with the flavours inspired by the cuisines I grew up on, studied and now love.  Capital L is an ode to my family, my journey and my undying love for food.  Getting the chance to share it all with you is just a bonus.

Lorelei Simbulan 


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