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Fresh Cooking


Do you need a break from cooking? Want to pamper yourself or impress a loved one? Personal Chef services are great for new moms, busy families or anyone looking to upgrade their weekly menu. From packaged meal plans to personalized meal kits, we have you covered.




Everyone's dietary needs and styles are unique. Let's take some time to talk about what you'd like to be eating and we can figure out what sort of plan works for your goals and lifestyle.

  • I will propose a customized menu based on your preferences. Once the agreed upon menu and plans are finalized we will choose a cook date.


  • I will do all the required shopping at your preferred grocers or food suppliers. Then prepare, cook and package your meals in your home.


  • The meals will be labeled and placed in your fridge and reheating instructions will be provided. 


  • Once completed I will leave your kitchen as spotless as you left it!


Love to cook but hate the prep work? Personalized meal kits can drastically cut the time needed to prepare meals for yourself or your family. 

  • Let's discuss your meal preferences and I will create a menu for you


  • Once you choose the menu, I will give you a list of ingredients and use the groceries provided by you.


  • I will prepare all the ingredients in your home, package it and provide the necessary recipes.


  • All you have to do is follow the recipes, cook, then enjoy your meal. 

Organic Vegetables
Image by Matthieu Joannon


A fun creative way to give you more confidence in the kitchen, choose what you want to learn.


  • Learn kitchen basics, hone in your skills or learn a new technique/recipe you've been wanting to try.

  • Learn and create a three course meal for a loved one or together for a fun date night. 

  • Great for family nights, and interactive gatherings with friends. Its a perfect way to bond over food and learn something new.

  • In home private cooking classes.

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